Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Write Time

This blog, this story of mine, will celebrate a milestone in a a few short days.  This blog will turn one year old.

I  stopped writing over the summer, just before M celebrated the milestone of his eighth birthday. There was no long pauses between posts.  Entries came at a regular pace.  Stopping was sudden.  Abrupt.

I stepped away from the keyboard for a few reasons.  My main reason for stepping away from this blog was that I was unsure of myself.  I wondered if the blog had grown old. Stale.  Flat. 

Maybe it didn't feel natural.  Maybe it felt forced.  Maybe it wasn't the right time.

I never wanted the story of M to be a sob story...because certainly is not. I want this story to be an open, raw, honest portrait of what this life is like. I want to show the beauty, the fear, the challenges and the joys that all go along with raising a child with significant special needs.

As I took a break, I heard two things from people.  The first was, "Are you okay?  Is everything alright?  You haven't written in a while. Why?"  (Yes, I am okay and all is well.) The second was, "I miss reading your blog."

People missed reading about M.  That pleased me because I want to share his story.  I want people to get to know M through my words.

I am pleased that people want to read, because I do want to write and I have so much more to share. For me, it is 'the write time' once again.