Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Once Upon A Time...Part II

The summer of 1990 slipped away all to fast for the boy and the girl.  That fall, the boy returned to college and the girl began college.  She would be living two hours away and for the first time since their meeting, the boy and the girl would not be together every day.  Every Friday after her last class, the girl would hop in her car to make the drive to see the boy.  They'd be together until the latest possible moment on Sunday evening when the girl had to get back to school.

Seasons changed, years passed, and the relationship between the boy and the girl continued to grow.  They boy and the girl finished their educations,  got jobs and their own apartments.  The summer of 1990 seemed so far away.  The boy and the girl had grown up.

One day during the summer of 1997, the boy and the girl drove to their favorite seaside town of Newport, Rhode Island.  They walked through the small New England town.  The sat in the warm grass sipping Dell's frozen lemonade at Brenton Point Park. It is a popular spot for the kite fliers and the boy and the girl enjoyed watching the beautiful flashes of color in the sky.  As the sun began to sink into the water, they came to their favorite beach, a tiny inlet tucked quietly away from the tourists.  They sat in the warm sand and dipped their toes in the cold, salty water.  They tossed bread to the seagulls and watched the boats skimming the horizon.

It was then that he turned to her, his knee in the sand, and asked her the question she knew one day would come.  She said yes and he slipped the ring on her finger.

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