Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Go With It.

Day two of Miss J and M's summer vacation involved public nudity, a library meltdown and a dog that went missing...twice.  Things definitely could have been going better.

Day three:  Miss J was invited for an all-day play date at a friend's house and, for me, a dental cleaning.  I dropped Miss J off at her friend's house and explained to M that we needed to go to the dentist.

"I get my teeth cleaned?" he asked me.
"No, bud!  I am getting my teeth cleaned.  You don't have to today.  But I do need you to have a calm body and a quiet mouth while we are there, okay?"
"I get my teeth cleaned?" he asked again, this time with some concern in his voice.
"No...just me. Not you."
And then... M began to cry.
"I get my teeth cleaned too!"
I was confused.  "You want to get your teeth cleaned?"
"YES! I get MY teeth cleaned!"  And just to be sure I fully understood what he was saying, M proceeded to repeat himself a dozen times.

M is really mad now.  He is pointing to his teeth and insisting he get them cleaned.

Let me explain something:  M does fairly well at the dentist, but he has NEVER begged me to take him to get his teeth cleaned.  He basically TOLERATES going

I try to reason with M.  I try to explain that today's appointment is for me and that I will make an appointment for him.  (He is due anyway).  He continues to cry.

I am stumped.  I call the dental office and ask if M can take my appointment and I will schedule another for me.  Let's face it...if your seven year old begs you to get a dental cleaning, you go with it.  I am told that if I can get over there soon, they will take us both today.  And off we go.

M tells the hygienist that he will go first.  He climbs into the chair and finds a comfortable position.  He settles into the chair, arms folded behind his head and ankles crossed.  He looks like a little prince and I think the only thing missing is a pretty girl fanning him with a giant leaf and hand feeding him grapes.

He opens his mouth wide for the hygienist.  He is still while she checks his teeth and he giggles when she polishes them.  He is fascinated by the spit-sucker and the metal tooth-poker. He could not have been more cooperative.

The one thing M has never had are X-rays. Since M's teeth are healthy and he's never had a cavity, they haven't pushed the issue. She looks at me and whispers, "He's doing really well.  Do you think maybe we can get an X-ray?"

I explain to M what will happen with the X-ray.  In the past, he has turned his head away and says, "No, thank you." but today, he answered by opening his mouth as wide as possible. We got all the X-rays we needed in one shot. Finally, fluoride is brushed on to M's teeth and he leaves the chair.  He sits perfectly still and quiet while I get my teeth cleaned.

I am so very proud of him and praise his behavior.  I tell M we can go do something fun now.  I ask him what he would like to do.

His answer?

"I go get my haircut now."

And, if your seven year old asks for a haircut, you go with it.

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