Friday, December 21, 2012

Does He Get Christmas?

"Does he get Christmas?"

This was a question recently asked of me about M.  The question is easy to answer, harder to explain.  How much does M get Christmas?  Enough.

I've written and scrapped this entry at least a dozen times.  I've thought about it and hopefully this explanation will be the one I finally post.

Does M get Christmas?  It is a difficult question to ask of anyone, as everyone will have a different interpretation of what Christmas is to them.  The faithful will celebrate Christmas as the miracle birth of a savior born to a blessed virgin mother.  Others will await the arrival of a jolly grandfatherly figure to deliver presents to boys and girls from around the globe.  Families raising children in homes practicing dual religions may mesh and meld aspects from each of their respective religions together to form their own unique blended holiday celebration.  Pagans will send holiday cards and atheists will decorate Christmas trees. The interpretations of what the significance of December 25th means are wide and varied, but I think regardless of who you are and what you believe, the season for most is a time of joy, togetherness, thankfulness and giving.

So to finally answer this question, perhaps not to the person who first posed it, but to myself:  Yes, M completely understands our individual interpretation of Christmas. M is very much an active part of our family's holiday traditions. He is excited for the preparations and happy for the celebrations.  M and Miss J bring Christmas to me as much as I hope to bring it to them.  Perhaps some will see this as simplified and perhaps watered down, but for me, it is just enough.

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