Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Rough Day

My parents came to visit for Christmas.  I insist they stay with us, but they always opt for a hotel.  For their entire visit, the kids like to stay with them.  Miss J and M love sleeping at the hotel and swimming for hours in the  indoor pool.

My mom brought the kids home last night and told me that M had wet his pants.  This is rare and it usually means that something is brewing.  I noticed that his gait was off and he was falling down.  These two things happening together usually mean that M is getting sick.

M, normally an early riser, slept until 9am this morning.  He woke, called for me, and threw up.  As I peeled off his pajamas, I could feel the heat radiating off his body.  I took his temp:  103.8.  He threw up again and I knew that getting Tylenol into him was not happening.  I called the pediatrician and put M in the car.
With M's kidney disease, he is at an increased risk of dehydration.  When he vomits, he has to be seen by a doctor.

I drove to the office with one hand on the wheel and one arm reaching into the back seat holding a large bowl for M to vomit into.  Each time he'd vomit, I'd pull over and dump the bowl.  It took twice as long to get there as it should have.

M managed to walk into the office, but upon his arrival, he laid on the office floor.  Thankfully he was taken to a room where he quickly fell asleep.  The doctor examined him.  I'd gotten him there soon enough that it wasn't necessary to go the ER for an IV.  Instead he got a shot of an anti-nausea drug in the butt.  He yelped, but he was just too sick to really care.

The drug made him drowsy but it enabled us to get some Tylenol into M and M managed to sleep for four hours straight.   When he awoke at 6pm, he was able to sip some Sprite.  So far it has stayed down.

While M napped, I armed myself with bleach and lysol and cleaned the entire house.  Mr.A took Miss J to a movie.

I just really hope it passes soon and spares the rest of us.

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